Sizing/ Measurement Chart

The diagram below shows or average cap measurements. This is the standard measurement used for pre-made wigs (made by vendor). 

If you are in between two sizes, it is recommended to choose the size you have the most common measurements with. Therefore if you are tied between two sizes equally, it is recommended to choose the larger size (especially to accommodate your natural hair under your unit).

Standard wig measurements
How to take your own measurements:

- Measure your head with a flexible measuring tape in inches.

- Hold the tape firmly around the angles of your head as illustrated above, while taking your measurements (if necessary ask someone to help you).

- Please take your natural hair into consideration when measuring your head. Comb your hair how youwould wear it under the wig cap and then commence measuring for a more accurate result. 

- If you are uncertain of your measurements after measuring your head, feel free to email our support team regarding your measurements at before purchasing.