How long does Kozmix’s hair last?
  • On average with proper maintenance our hair lasts 2-3 years. Therefore the longevity of our luxurious tresses depends on you. 


Can I color Kozmix’s hair?

  • Yes you can. All our hair can be lightened and colored . We advise you to seek professional help when coloring your hair extensions. Because, chemical altering can ruin any hair type and you don’t eat to run the risk of over processing  your extensions.


How do I care and maintain Kozmix hair?

  • For best result, we suggest that you shampoo your extensions every two weeks (if worn) using a mild shampoo. While using just a deep conditioner between those two weeks. Conditioning your extensions will promote and maintain its beauty, desirable luxury texture.
  • When it come to wet hair, we recommend patting it to get rid of as much water as possible  then let it air dry on its own.
  • Also, when applying heat to style your extensions we recommend using a heat protectant (liquid or cream) of your choice.
    For a beautiful luscious finish do not use heavy or extremely greasy product.
  • If you sleep in your extensions, we recommend that you cover or wrap with a cover with silk type fabric.
  • As as these steps are, they are the key to maintaining Kozmix’s luxury hair for the suggested lifeline and beyond.  


How many bundles do I need?

For a very natural desirable look, we recommend;

  • 2 bundles for 10-14 inches
  • 3 bundles for 16-22 inches 
  • 4 bundles for 24-30 inches

For BOLD statements to have you stand out, we recommend;

  • 4 bundles for 18-24 inches 
  • 5-6 bundles for 26-32 inches